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Our Goals

The Center for Digital Participation brings together proven experts in the field of digital participation to realize research projects and communicate research results to the public.


The Center supports the initiation of cooperations, the realization of research projects, and serves the exchange with interested partners in research and practice. Last but not least, it serves the public education and agenda setting in the socially highly relevant field of digital participation.


The Center for Digital Participation aims to promote the opportunities of digitization by supporting a critical, confident, creative, constructive and competent use of digital media. In this way, the Center aims to contribute to social discourse and to the successful shaping of digitization.


Basic and applied research

The Center enables multidisciplinary national and international research projects, both in the field of basic research and in cooperation with partners in practice in the field of applied research.


The members of the Center have proven knowledge and diverse methodological skills (population representative surveys, interview studies, experiments, online observation, production-related as well as text analyses).


They combine interdisciplinary perspectives and thus enable the realization of diverse research projects - from the in-depth investigation of small case numbers to the automated analysis of large amounts of data.



The members of the center bring current research results to the public and support decision makers in practice with their know-how.


They produce a wide range of publications and are available for lectures, debates and coaching sessions.


Education and Training

The Center's research results are incorporated into lectures, seminars and teaching research projects.


In doing so, value is placed on interdisciplinary access to the challenges of digital participation.


There are also numerous opportunities for national and international cooperation in research and practice in education and training.